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The Tribe of Fleeting Birds live in moorland east of a large river. In their territory lies a huge rock called the Ancient Boulder.


The Tribe of Fleeting Birds are skinny cats with long legs for bounding over the moor. They generally have pointed faces and their fur colours are greys, browns and golds to blend in with the moor's colours.


The Tribe's territory covers the entire moor. Their borders are where a stream that runs through their territory meets a river to the right of their territory, a large boulder in the bottom left hand corner of their territory and the Twolegplace fence at the top of their territory. Favourite places to hunt include the


The camp is in a large hollow in the middle of the moor. The dens have bracken entrances but have been dug out underground. The dens used to be rabbit warrens. The leader's den is a hollow in a group of huge boulders. The warriors den is a den near a group of heather bushes the grow close to the top of the slope around the boulders. The nursery is in a den dug down from a crack between the boulders. The apprentices den is opposite the warriors den near a scrawny hazel tree. The elders den is in a patch of bracken close to the boulders. The medicine den is in another, smaller hollow at the base of the boulders.


Leader: Swallowstar- Reddish brown she-cat with blue eyes


Warriors: Ospreyclaw- Dark grey tom with long legs

Heatherstream- Light ginger she-cat

Queens: Fawnspring- golden brown she-cat with white flecks and a white belly (mother of Ospreyclaw's kits Hartkit and Sweetkit)

Roseheart- Pale cream she cat (mother of Shrewkit)

Apprentices: Tussockpaw- pale gold tom

Hawkpaw- Handsome golden tom

Kits:Sweetkit-pale brown she-kit

Hartkit- White tom-kit with long legs

Shrewkit- Sandy brown tom-kit

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